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Sorry I haven’t been very active but I haven’t done anything interesting to write about. Anyways!


I should be moving within the next two weeks!! Yay!!

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New Tank!

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My new atomizer/tank/whatever they’re called came in the post today along with some new flavours!

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I’ve decided to start scrapbooking again and I’m waiting for my deliveries to come! I’ll post you all a picture when they come!

I can’t wait to get started again 🙂

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Still waiting…

I’m still waiting for my moving date. It’s taking a lot longer than I expected.

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My Edits

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House Party

I’m still recovering from the party I went to Tuesday night at my friend’s house.

Staff let me stay for the night and I’m glad I went as it was great!

Anyways I haven’t been posting much as I drank way to much and my head still hurts.

I’ll post again soon 🙂

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Hello, can anybody hear me?

I’m drunk at a house party lolz

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I’m in love with tattoos. It’s painful but it’s worth it and you end up with something something beautiful and meaningful. I’ve currently got 2, one on each wrist, but I can’t take a decent photo of them right now. Anyways I’m planning on getting more when I’ve saved up enough money.

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Decorating Cookies

Just got back and did some cookie decoration 🙂

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