Seclusion – Is it justified?

Whilst being in hospital, I have been in seclusion many times. Stripped down to my bare skin and locked in a cold room with nothing but a plastic mattress. I’m not even kidding, they take your underwear off you and leave you naked. But surely there must be a reason for this?

If I hadn’t have been secluded I probably would have seriously injured myself and other people. Sometimes when you are mentally ill, your mind can’t tell you what is right and wrong. I’m not proud of the things I have done but at the time I had little control between my thoughts and my actions. If I thought something, I would do it without thinking of the consequences. Being ill can also make your thoughts irrational and your decisions bad.

Seclusion saved my life on some occasions and probably protected many others from getting hurt.

There is always a reason for such horrible actions so make sure you’re properly informed before you campaign against it.

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1 Response to Seclusion – Is it justified?

  1. If it has saved your life and protected others then that has to be progress. Stay strong.

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