Am I ungrateful?

So I found out yesterday that I might be going to a private college that costs thousands a year for free. I know most people would jump at this opportunity but I really don’t want to go.

I went to a council run school in Rotherham and got average grades in my GCSEs and passes in all my AS levels.

I don’t want to go as I’ll be surrounded by people who got high grades and who actually have the money to go. I’ll be the only one from Yorkshire and the only one who isn’t paying. I’m dreading going.

My parents just have the money to get by and can’t afford private education and I’m the first in my family to even get this opportunity.

The only reason I even have the choice of going is that the mental health unit I’m moving to thinks the smaller classes and the chance to get 1:1 tuition will benefit both my mental health and my education.

I don’t know to go or not. What are your opinions?

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1 Response to Am I ungrateful?

  1. Forever Blue says:

    People in private colleges aren’t different species I know that it can seem like it but it is really really beneficial. However, mentally I find it harder in a private college, there is so much more pressure to get the good grades but I’d say go for it especially if you have the opportunity and having (potentially) higher grades would benefit you. There is a lot more opportunity for one on ones and since classes are smaller there is a lot more attention on you and how you are working. They notice when you’re slipping much faster too. Good luck xx

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