Update on my life: 

This is me, the fucked up mess that is Rebecca. 

Since my last update on my life, (October 2014) I got moved to the PICU ward (psychiatric intensive care) and stayed there till last week. 

Whilst there I got put in seclusion for really stupid reasons like kicking a wet floor sign. They locked me in a room with just a plastic matteress for kicking a sign! Someone ripped the strong shorts so I only had a strong top on – made of a thick material that supposedly can’t be ripped. So everyone that was watching me had a little too much to look at. Don’t get any dignity here! 

They took my bedding off me so I had to sleep on a plastic matteress with a plastic duvet. I wasn’t allowed a bra so I had to wear a jumper all the time. I wasn’t allowed socks either, even in the winter. 

I wasn’t allowed my phone or anything with internet connection eventhough the ward had wifi! Whats the point in that!! They let me have my ipad for an hour a day when my parents went on holiday so I could skype them.

Meals were off plastic plates with plastic cutlery and they tasted vile. 

I saw fully grown men fighting with staff and running around naked and old women getting their boobs out for no reason. I know people were ill but I can’t explain how ill they actually were.

I was on 1-1 observations for six months. That means they follow you everywhere and you can’t even take a poop in peace or shower without someone their. 

I haven’t left the hospital in 9 months except a few times to A&E but thats not exactly fun.

Anyway, I’m now on the open ward and waiting for the normal doctor to come and review me and hopefully give me some leave to the shops or something. Just anything to get out for a few hours!!


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