My (recovery) Bucket List

Being in hospital so long has it’s downfalls, being ‘normal’ and doing ‘normal’ things kinda goes out of the window. This is a bucket list of short term and manageable things I’d like to do that are still a challenge to me.

  • Start eating breakfast regularly

This is a really important one for me as I’m never fully awake in time for breakfast and everyone keeps telling me its the most important meal of the day so I’d like to have breakfast and reduce snacking slightly.

  • Cook something and eat it

I’m not bad in the kitchen but I always manage to cook for everyone else and never make something I want or like or would manage to try.

  • Go on a walk by myself


  • Go to York on a shopping trip with staff from the unit

The staff have organised a trip at the beginning of November and I’d really like to go

  • Spend Christmas at home

Last year sucked so it’s all about xmas 2014

  • Go on overnight leave

I miss my bed and being able to wake up at whatever time I want

  • Go to Meadowhall (Sheffield)

I used to love going but now the idea of so many people really puts me off šŸ˜¦

  • Meet my brothers down south

I only see them once a year and I’d hate to miss out this year

  • Go to the supermarket and buy food I like

I always send someone for me so I don’t have to decide and base my decisions on calories etc.

  • Have a KFC

I used to love KFC and I’d love to have it again but I’m scared of fast food

  • Go out for lunch with parents
  • Go to the cinema

Again, the people is an issue

  • Have a dessert after a meal and not feel bad about it
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