So today is Friday. (22)

Have an in depth description of my crappy life.

I go to bed and end Thursday at 2am sat on the corridor outside my room demanding painkillers. They say no. They offer me cereal in exchange for paracetamol. I look at it and decide it looks like rabbit poop. I fall asleep in my room having been lured in by promises of pills.
I was awoken at 7.30am by someone telling me it’s snowing which I would have gathered if they’d given my chance to wake up and open a curtain.
I lay still for 30 mins waiting for someone to come and take my blood pressure and tell me if I’d be allowed to walk or not for the day. They say I can and offer me my meds of which I refuse as they told me they’d get me out of the wheelchair which they didn’t as I didn’t take them and got out of it anyway (by point blank refusal to use it and running around in protest)
I get told to go to breakfast. I have some waffles or something. I sit still for an entire hour which feels like army training. (joys of obs)
I ask to move bedrooms as the plaster’s pealing off my cealing in big chunks and it’s too cold.  They agree but give me 5 mins to move all my stuff. (challenge accepted) So I moved from green room to blue room.
I get told I’m going home after morning group therapy which I complain through as they treat us like kids. I get called out to go home.
I go home.
We go to the supermarket which is always a bad idea as I spend hours picking what I want for tea which is usually nothing but anyways.
I give up on it and wonder around ASDA like I’m lost then realise that there’s loads of people looking at me so freak out and panic but then I realise I have just spent 3 weeks of my life in a mental hospital without having gone out at all (yolo and all)
Then I get home, have an argument about not having meds then have some pot chinese thing (wtf. It’s like noodles but rice, that uncle ben’s thing)

Now I’m sleepy and listening to some Demi Lovato songggs whilst copying some inspiring quotes off the interweb to print out and stick on my wall at the hospital so it’s less miserable though I already have Big Bang Theory and ATL postersss.

Yeah. Happy Friday.

OoOoo then tomorrow Dad might be taking me to build-a-bear as I’m not 16 at all. EVERYONE NEEDS A BUILD-A-BEAR… especially when they’re away from home. TEENS NEED LOVE TOO.

Happy times.

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5 Responses to Todaaay

  1. littlemissnerdybookworm says:

    Get better soon, it sounds like you’re having a very tough time x

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